NA 52 (Rawalpindi III)

If PML N has 200  seats then NA-52 will be one of those, if PML N has only one seat then it will be NA-52 and if PML N has no seat it means Ch Nisar has left the party, is the common saying of this area.
Two important political figures in this area are Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Raja Basharat of PML Q. Historically this seat always remained with Chaudhry Nisar, and he also has good chances next time. But what his opponents are planning is more interesting.
NA-52 is divided in two parts PP-6 which is all urban area and PP-5 which is rural area in surrounding of Rawalpindi. PTI has large vote bank in PP-6, which is urban constituency, mainly consisting of private societies, Airport also lies in this area. Last time they lost this seat in neck to neck fight, but margin of defeat was minute i.e. 49,000 against 51,000 of Chaudhry Nisar. PML N Senator Chaudhry Tanvir also belongs to this area and he is having serious tussle with Chaudhry Nisar for last few years. 
Now turning towards PTI, although it is not clear yet that who will be their candidate for this provincial assembly seat, but if Engineer Iftikhar Chaudhry and Wasiq Abbasi remain united, I have prediction that PTI will clinch victory in PP-6.
Taji Khokhar also belongs to this area, but he is just a street thug and have no chances here.
Now talk about other PP seat PP-5, this seat consists of rural areas and have two strong contenders Ch. Nisar and Raja Basharat. Honestly talking PTI has niether votes nor candidate here, so we are left with PML N and PML Q, and I think PML N will remain victorious here.
So what about NA-52? Who is going to win election here? And answer to that question is that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan will stand victorious from NA-52.
But wait! There is a rumor that PTI's candidate will be brother-in-law of Raja Basharat, who is going to join PTI in few weeks. He was mayor from Pothwar Town back in 2005. Raja Basharat will obviously support his brother-in-law if it comes to that and his votes which he bags due to strong bradari system will fall in favour of PTI. If that is the case then it will be first time in history that there will be a real contest, as apposed to history which always remained to be in the favour PML N.

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