KPK on the move

KPK on the move
Getting any legal or government document in Pakistan is a herculean task; I had always heard this from my parents and friend. You either have to pay some money (bribe) or have friends in high places to be able to get your documents.
Recently, a relative wanted his GP Fund Final Payment from the District Accounts office. We were both worried but had to visit the concerned office. To our utter amazement there was excellent service offered. The contact numbers of all main people were pasted on the wall. We had the work done efficiently and quickly.
It reminded me of PTI’ manifesto and slogan of change and we saw the bona fide change! Change in the behavior of government officials who were civil and polite is something we are normally not used to but I saw it in the province under the rule of the PTI.
I am a common man with no affiliation with any political party. I have never seen such remarkable steps which have been taken by PTI government. With due apologies, the continuous harping on the part of the media about no change in KPK is wrong. I am a permanent resident of KPK and I can honestly say that there is a marked change in the behavior of the policemen as well as the department itself. A lot of govt officials were suspended as well as transferred due to their corruption, so isn’t that change?
People have direct access to Chief Minister through phone lines, faxes and email address. Isn’t this change? People are given direct access to Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the department concerned. What kind of change did the people expect? Now, it is also our responsibility to help the PTI government plug the loopholes by pinpointing those who demand money to do their job.
D I Khan, August 31.