Altaf under house arrest !!!!!!!!!!!

  • London: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain is under house arrest in London and has asked police for health pardon.
    According to unconfirmed reports based on individual sources, Altaf Hussain has been put under house arrest and his political activities have been restricted.

  • At least two journalists from London, on condition of anonymity have confirmed that Hussain’s movement has been completely restricted by the police. The same sources also claimed that his personal accounts have been frozen to investigate the unaccounted money flow.
    Sources also said that Altaf Hussain’s legal advisors are relying on health reasons to seek leniency from the probe.

  • However, party representatives in London are tight-lipped about these developments and categorically denied the news.
    Earlier this week, a Guardian report filed by renowned BBC correspondent Owen Bennet Jones detailed the nature of probe involving Altaf Hussain that includes money laundering, using his London base to incite violence in Karachi and even a murder investigation of his close aide and senior MQM leader, Imran Farooq.
    The MQM’s statements to the Guardian have countered the impression that Altaf Hussain is in the dock saying that he has neither been charged nor is he an accused.