War is Began: Hamid Mir will Going to take action against Mubashir Luqman

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This war is not new, Mubashir luqman blames hamid mir several times on LIVE TV but Hamid mir always tried to respond indirectly. This time again Mubashir luqman blames hamid mir in his show “Kharra Sach on 16th July 2013” and promised to play a secret audio of Hamid mir. After that the war started again. Hamid mir replies are shown below


  1. and Hamid mir bark for India CIA and Israel......... Bark and bite only Pakistan.......... Traitor family..... Hamid Mir son of Mir Sadiq and Grand Son of Mir Jaffar.....

    1. not only hamid but also asma jhangir, marvi sarmad and many more are indian agents